Good Ideas To Include In Your Essay About A Musician

If there is anything that we can all relate to in life as human beings, it is music. No matter what genre it is (Rock, Metal, Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop. Country, Gospel, etc.,), it is very rare to hear someone say that they do not like music at all. Keeping this in mind, it is completely fine to have your specific choice(s) of music to choose from.

When you are writing a research/term paper or dissertation about a musician, there are a variety of ways in which you can approach this. Today we are going share with you three different avenues that you can dive into when writing an essay about a musician.

  • Explain their music style
  • When it comes to a musician’s style, which is something many listeners get misconstrued with including the genre of music. While the genre is a part of their style, what you can discuss here is more of their delivery. What kind of topics/contents does their music contain? Is their lyrics/flow/melodies highly distinctive from others within their genre? While talking about your musician of choice you can also ask a few questions as well for your readers to think about.

  • The musician’s reliability to you/the fans
  • Musicians have a great tendency to relate to people from all around the world. For example, Adele has become a great beacon of hope for individuals (men and women) when it comes to speaking about relationships. Whether the relationship is good, bad, or a little bumpy, there is not one Adele song that no one cannot relate to (that’s more of a running joke, yet unwritten fact too).

  • The musician’s background
  • Everyone understands that a musician usually becomes inspired by their upbringing and the surroundings they are around now. Many musicians are beginning to not only share their history in songs but in documentaries as well. If the musician that you are writing your essay about has a documentary (or a few), it would be a great addition to add your paper.

    As you can see a musician is more than just someone who has made your favorite song. Being a listener on your end is more than just that for a musician. However, since you are the writer here, take it from your own standpoint. Think from the perspective of how you interpret your favorite artists/bands, and even your peers as well.