Simple Ways To Get A 500-Word Essay Example For Free

Trying to find reliable essay samples can be one of the most difficult tasks ever. Especially if you’re not willing to pay any money. A lot of places will show you a short preview and won’t let you see the full essay but if you know where to go, you won’t be having problems like this anymore. As a matter of fact, people will soon be asking you where they can find free essay samples.

Four places to get essay examples for free:

  1. Slide Share- Slide share basically shows PowerPoint slides. It is a free service and papers on all topics are readily available. The only catch is that you have to share a document before you are able to download any. Not all the files can be downloaded, but you can still access full versions of the non-downloadable ones on the website for free. It is one the best tools as it is easy to navigate and of course it’s free.
  2. Search the web- One of the easiest and most obvious tools to use would have to be searching the web. To find an essay suited for a particular topic, it would be easy to use a search engine so that you can have your pick of all the different websites. As it will give you a lot of options, it will broaden your search and give you a lot to work with. Sometimes this may be a disadvantage. One tip is that usually if it’s not on the first page of the search results, then you won’t be finding it at all. That way you can narrow your search down and find something else to use if the need presents itself.
  3. Purdue OWL- This tool is one of the best just because it helps you find things in different formats. Instead of just MLA or APA, it gives you many formats to work with and allows you to pick which one you need. It also gives you tips on how to write as well.
  4. Ask Around- You can probably get samples from colleagues and friends. If it is a research paper, for instance, your best bet would be to ask college students or high school students who are at a level in which they are now writing research papers. It all depends on the type of sample you are looking for.

Follow these tips and you’ll find all the samples you need in no time.