7 Points To Discuss In A Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Most of the youths today are involved in uncontrolled smoking. Although it is most common among the male young adults and even the mature ones, it has also been observed among the female. Therefore, this is a good area to compose your persuasive essay. One of the things you must have in mind is the major points you need to discuss in the body.

  • The most commonly smoked drugs
  • The very first things you need to talk about are some of the most commonly abused drugs when it comes to smoking. For instance, talk about tobacco and bhang as the major ones and if there is any other, you can add. You can explain how these are obtained, for instance, whether legally or illegally.

  • The adverse effects of smoking
  • Smoking is associated with multiple adverse effects. Most of them are known by people and therefore, you should make sure that you exhaustively note them down so that when the reader passes through your work, he or she will not ask you many questions. Since smoking affects both the active and the passive users, you need to consider both of them as you note down the effects.

  • Benefits if any
  • As you develop the body, you should also consider whether smoking has any benefits to the user. If there are any, you need to clearly elaborate them so that anyone who reads through your work can comprehend it.

  • How smoking can affect one’s behavior
  • It has been noted in most parts of the world that when one starts smoking, he or she changes behavior. You therefore should not forget to talk about this. Talk about both the positive influence, if any, and the negative ones.

  • How to quit smoking
  • Before you conclude your writing, there are those people who might skim through your article with an aim of learning how they can quit smoking. Therefore, in one paragraph, clearly outline to them what they need to do.

  • Diseases associated with smoking
  • Chronic smoking is known to be a risk factor for multiple systemic diseases. Therefore, all of these need to be elaborated so that those who want to understand them can enjoy reading.

  • The age at which most teens start smoking
  • Another point you need to talk about is the most noted age at which most youths start smoking. This can be considered as a global thing or alternatively, if you are focusing on your country, you can get it from the national statistics.