Advanced Web Technologies

As an average person, web technologies have a limited impact on my life, or I should say, as someone who is not the average person. indeed, one cannot consider them self to be a child of the modern day if they are not connected to the internet on in some way. It is a social anomaly to not be plugged in and you may be even ridiculed because of this fact. Okay, so maybe being ridiculed goes a bit far, still, it is undeniable that without some knowledge of web based technologies, it can be very hard to get by in today’s world.

While most would like to consider them self to be well plugged in, there are many technologies being released and in development, that will drastically change the way the world works. The functions of these technologies may be startling to you, or fully anticipated if you’re one to always stay in loop. Web based technologies come in two general flavors, applications and hardware devices that serve to augment our reality.

Applications have come a long way from their humble beginnings, earning a place as one of the top developing industries in the world. Years ago, we could not conceive the idea that virtual property could be so valuable, yet, many of these collections of code have been sold for millions. Naturally, just about everyone wants to be a software developer, however, hitting it big is not as easy as it looks, as many soon learn.

Hardware devices are the business of the bigger fish and they have not been lazy at all. We already have holographic technology, augmented reality and many body attachments to keep us connected to the web at all times. We can safely say that humans will soon become the cyborgs science fictions movies have always predicted. The question is, are we ready for this advancement in our personal capabilities, or will we be damned by it eventually?

Still, we must boldly dive into the future, hungrily taking into the latest developments as they’re released. Never once stopping to consider how our individual participation is playing a part in a wider changing world. Are we such creatures of the pack that we have no choice but to allow ourselves to be guided by the flow, or should be consider the possibilities before we make a choice? We may never know.