Cause And Effect Essay Ideas: 18 Questions To Investigate


Cause and effect essay are an important part of any high school student and helps in grooming them to be objective and learn how to see both the sides of the story. What a cause and effect does is that it outlines the effect of doing one thing(s); in simple words, writers tend to explain what causes these effects. However, if you have got homework to write on a cause and effect, then the first thing to do is to get a good topic to write on. In this context, a good topic isn't the one that is interesting, but it is the one you have adequate knowledge on and have lots of writing material at your disposal. Therefore, in this article, I will be telling you about 18 questions to investigate for your cause and effect essay.

The List of Topics:

Following is a list of topics you can write on:

  1. Has sexuality in media cause teenagers to become sexually active?
  2. Is global warming leading to increasing water levels around the world?
  3. Social media results in increased socialization among teenagers?
  4. Is porn responsible for high divorce rates in Europe?
  5. Having dinner together increasing the bond among family members?
  6. Students with good grade get good jobs?
  7. Is marketing crucial to the success of business?
  8. Is written exam the best way to test a student?
  9. Good Personality helps in securing a good job?
  10. Does a bad marriage negatively affect children?
  11. Do the news of terrorism and violence cause people to be more vigilant?
  12. Has the ill-treatment of Muslims resulted in the forming of Extremist/Radical groups?
  13. Does the situation of US economy affect the world?
  14. Out-sourcing of workers helps in reducing costs?
  15. Is the isolation of North-Korea leading to their increased frustration?
  16. What effects did Colonies have in determining the result of WW2?
  17. Most break-ups happen, or marriages fail due to financial problems?
  18. Is insomnia the result of stress at work or school?


This is a somewhat comprehensive list of topics that you can write a cause and effect essay on. These topics are pretty easy to write because they have lots of material you can easily find, but they are general topics that can be easily written if you have general knowledge.

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