What You Should Definitely Mention In Your Essay About Philippine Music

If you are taking a class in cultural music or island music, you may be assigned an essay on Philippine music. You may also be seeking a degree in the subject, as well. The music is classified as a mix of indigenous influence, Asian music, American music, European music, American music, and Latin American music. Once you know if you will be dealing with modern or traditional music form the Philippines, there will be certain components that you must include.

Things to Mention in your Essay on Philippine Music

  • Modern Filipino Music:
    • Famous pop music trends, stars, and recordings
    • Current choir music stars, songs, and celebrities
    • Music used in movies and television shows
    • Musical awards given in the country and some of the famous winners
    • Earth music and the sounds of the islands that it mimics, mention some of the most famous of these examples, notice how the earth is considered sacred and the important role of the ocean in the lyrics
    • Rock and Blues stars, recordings, and current trends
    • Current and modern instruments used in the Philippines
    • Hip Hop music and how it is different from American or European Hip Hop
    • Original music by stars from the Philippines and the current chart winders and attractions
    • Techno music
  • Traditional Folk Music from the Philippines
    • Influences from other countries and the time periods that were most prevalent
    • Gong music, how it is made, what it is, and famous Gong songs
    • Rondella music, what it is, how it is made, when it is used, and which ones are famous
    • Religious music for events such as weddings and funerals
    • Traditional instruments and what they are constructed of
    • Famous singers from the past and what songs and styles they are known for
    • Earth music from the past and how it originated as worship and ways of showing respect
    • Music song while working

As you write this piece, you will want to listen to the music. You should probably pick to write about either the traditional or the current music, because trying to write about both might be too broad of a job. You will need to use support such as recordings, videos, essays, experts, history books, and quotes and interviews from experts. The paper will be styled in a formal academic style, so follow all the writing rules. It will have intext citations and a bibliography page.