Efficient Tips For Creating A Decent Argumentative Essay On Abortion

Writing an argumentative essay on abortion can be a difficult assignment for many students. The good news is that there are a number of strategies one can employ to simplify the process. We’ve several writing experts and have come up with these efficient tips for creating a decent argumentative essay on the subject of abortion:

  • Tip #1: Make Sure You Pick a Great Topic
  • You will have an easier time working on a written assignment if you find an original topic that interests you. Select one that isn’t too broad or too narrow because either one of these will make your paper too difficult to manage.

  • Tip #2: Create an Assignment Writing Plan
  • Create an assignment writing plan to get yourself organized. The day you learn about your assignment you should make a list of all the tasks you need to complete before your deadline. Then from the due date work backwards and arranged the tasks throughout the week.

  • Tip #3: Conduct Two Levels of Research
  • Start by looking for background information on abortion. Look for important issues and jot down some key terms. Next, head to your school library and conduct a more in-depth search for academic resources. Since this is a hot button topic you should limit your search to resources published within the last three years.

  • Tip #4: Create an Assignment Outline
  • Gather your research information and arrange your notes into related points of discussion. In this type of assignment you want to select your three best ideas for your body paragraphs. Create an outline that is logical and structured and use the outline when you begin writing the first draft.

  • Tip #5: Write the First Draft Quickly
  • There are several different techniques for completing a first draft, but the best one used by writers is one in which you write quickly and efficiently. This means you shouldn’t stop to make corrections as you go. Keep writing without breaking momentum.

  • Tip #6: Set the Work Aside Before Revising
  • Before you start making your revisions, set the assignment aside for a couple of days. This will allow you to view your content with a fresh perspective, a position that will increase your chances of identifying places that could use improvement.

  • Tip #7: Edit and Proofread at Three Levels
  • When you do your edits and proofread you should do so at three separate levels: Start with the paper level, then the paragraph level, and finally the sentence level. Be sure you target the areas you tend to make mistakes in the most.