Pay For Essay: What Precautions Should I Know Before

When the student resorts to buying essays from either freelance writers or from agencies or sites which are dedicated for such work, they must be cautious before they pay for essay.

Here are some questions which you should know before you engage someone as my essay writer or someone who you trust blindly to write “an essay for me.”

  1. The writer or the agency or the service which is offered to write the essay should provide customer service or customer support for at least 8 hours a day every day of the week. It is better to have 24/7 support in case there are cases where clarifications need to be given or instructions have changed.
  2. The writer or agency should provide free revisions at least for a certain time window in case the essay does not meet the expectations of the student.
  3. The delivery should adhere to the timelines given else if the deadlines are busted, there is no point in outsourcing this work to the agency or the writer.
  4. The essays should be plagiarism free and should be unique as well as customized as per the need of the student. The same essay should not be sold or given to some other student or even published on some site.
  5. The quality which is provided should meet up or rather exceed the expectations of the student. There should be no grammatical errors or typographical errors, and the style should be adhered to as well as the entire essay should be formatted well.
  6. The content should be well researched and updated. There is no point in writing an essay which has shoddy research work or which has information which is not up to date. This will only result in the essay being rejected by the instructor and the student not getting the grade or the marks that he or she hoped for.
  7. The student should be able to be in touch directly with the writer, so he or she will not only be more at ease and more assured of the progress being made, but he or she will be able to offer clarifications, explanations and more.
  8. The student should also ask if he or she could interview the writer so that he or she would know who would be the writer who would best work for them and write their essay for them.

These are some precautions to be taken by students before getting a writer on board. Watch out for them!