A Handful Of Essay Topics About Single Mothers For College Students

A single mother has to fulfill the responsibilities of a nurturer, caregiver, teacher, and others. You will have to talk about all the challenges single mothers face as well as about how they are viewed by other people in your essay.

It’s recommended that you narrow down your topic rather than writing about single-parenting in general. You can find examples of how your topic may sound below. If no one of them inspires you or you just don’t know how to write your essay, take a look at topicsbase.com and get inspiration to qualitatively write your paper from scratch thus freeing you a lot of free time.

Topics on Single Mothers That Will Help Start Your Essay Off

  • How single mothers struggle to make the ends meet.
  • On discrimination against single mothers.
  • Are single parent families dysfunctional?
  • Many decent people were raised in single parent families. On the other hand, there have been and still is so much violence in families with fathers. Do we really need full families?
  • Academic successes of children raised by single mothers.
  • Does single-parenting contribute to children becoming more abusive?
  • Delinquency among children of single parent families.
  • What effects does single-parenting have on the formation of relationships in the future?
  • On divorce and its consequences for children.
  • Comparison of being a single mother and a single father.
  • On the relationships between single mothers and their teen daughters.
  • Single mothers on television and in art.
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse rates among single mothers.
  • Do single mothers consume addictive substances to relieve stress more often than other women?
  • The causes of social exclusion.
  • Social exclusion is one of the challenges single mothers have to face. Why do other people view them differently than other women?
  • Why is it difficult for single mothers to raise sons?
  • Women’s choice.
  • It often happens that women file for divorce and turn themselves into single mothers. Are the reasons for which they do it objective?
  • How being a single parent affects one’s employment chances?
  • Is working mother a bad mother?
  • Working single mothers dedicate very little time to their kids. Does it make them bad mothers?
  • What assistance should governments provide for needy families?
  • What if grandparents have to raise kids?
  • A single mother and a working mother are almost synonyms, so it’s grandparents who have ultimately to raise children. Are they able to substitute parents?

Being a single mother has never been easy. Nor is it easy today when the financial situation is pretty tough. Focus on the problems single mothers have to face today to make your essay urgent and topical.

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